Pain Management Introduction

The headache specialist had already tried me on most of the on and off-label preventives. I couldn’t take the side effects of the triptans. We had completed Botox treatment. He changed my antidepressant to a different type, and that didn’t help. He was frustrated, and so was I. So when I first started with my pain management doctor, I didn’t know what options were left for me. Dr. H. promised me that he would do whatever he could to get me out of pain or at least make the pain bearable. He asked me what my goal was for treatment, and I said I wanted to be able to return to work eventually. I couldn’t afford not to and was way too young to retire. He said let’s start slowly. The first drug prescribed was Oxycontin. I had never taken anything that strong and was concerned. Dr. said my description of my pain warranted it. He prescribed Dilaudid for breakthrough pain. I left with my two prescriptions and took my dose that afternoon. The Oxycontin caused the migraine to get worse, so I took the Dilaudid as directed. I wound up in the emergency room that night. I had shortness of breath and rapid heart rate. I was treated with IV saline for dehydration and given a “migraine cocktail” for the continuing pain. I was released in the morning. So much for my first foray into the world of heavy duty medication.

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