Lost and Afraid

So. I have been in Pain Management for over six years now. In 2011, my migraine specialist had nothing left to offer, so I found myself in the terrifying world of pain clinics. I didn’t feel like I belonged there. Was I that sick? Did my condition(s) warrant this? I wasn’t a drug seeker! I didn’t want medication! I wanted alternative treatment, but I had tried it with no improvement.

These were my thoughts and perceptions of Pain Management at the time. After my first visit, I realized that I knew nothing.

My doctor was empathetic, compassionate, helpful, and positive. He listened to me. We discussed treatment options at length. Possible clinical trials I could join and new and exciting things down the road. I always left his office feeling more relaxed, confident, and hopeful.

So. Here we are six years later. I just received a letter from the pain management practice stating that Dr. H. was leaving the practice at the end of the month. I was devastated! I immediately burst into tears and was inconsolable for a few hours.

This man was a huge part of my small circle of support. He was my lifeline for pain relief, medication, future treatment and possibly even a cure. What will happen to me now?

I’ve called several practices, and no one can guarantee that they’ll take me on as a patient. If they do, they don’t even have openings until December.

I’m not able to stop my current meds without a long tapering routine, and am going to run out before a new doctor can see me. I’ve heard horror stories about people stopping cold turkey and almost dying. I would love nothing more than to find a drug free alternative, but not like this.

My anxiety is through the roof. My psychologist is moving out of the area at the end of this month and I’m already dreading that situation. Finding someone new that I feel comfortable with enough to open until about private issues is hard. Developing trust with a new person takes time.

I am feeling these losses as keenly as if they were deaths. Since becoming chronically ill, my support system has dropped off in great numbers. I’ve lost many people that I thought were dear friends because they couldn’t cope. So my doctors are a huge part of my life now. And stability is crucial.

I’m struggling to deal with everything and it feels like I’ll never be okay again. I’m scared, confused, overwhelmed, and angry! And alone! So damn alone!



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