Chronic Pain Realities

How did chronic pain become shameful and stigmatized?

How has this become the “norm” in our country and society?

Why are we placed alongside drug seekers and criminals when all we want is pain relief from an unending nightmare?

When did we become “addicts” not patients?

Why are we being punished and denied basic needs?

How did suicide become the only way out of a treatable medical condition?

My life is worth more than this!

DAMN the FDA, CDC, CMA, and “Big Pharma” for this entire mess were in! Where’s the common decency? The sympathy? The empathy?

My only hope is that the people working for the above-mentioned organizations or someone they love develops a chronic pain condition and realizes for themselves the Hell we suffer EVERY SINGLE DAY just to survive!

Always keep fighting, my fellow chronic pain warriors!

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