My Symptoms of Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome

My personal symptoms include, but are not limited to: brain electrical volts, hot flashes, cold flashes, extreme sweating, motion sickness, nausea, increased appetite, spontaneous crying and/or laughing, moments of anger, tiredness, fatigue, blurred vision, nightmares, insomnia, agitation, restlessness, vertigo, stumbling, loss of coordination, falls, uncontrolled limb twitching and jerking, tremor, shaking, panic attacks, thoughts of self harm and many more. 

Patients are not informed by their doctors because the doctors weren’t informed by the pharmaceutical reps, who, in turn, were not informed by the drug manufacturer Eli Lilly. Why is Eli Lilly not being held responsible for their silence on the effects of withdrawal from this horrific drug. The side effects and difficulty of stopping are not included in the patient information packet included with the drug. Eli Lilly’s advice to patients is to continue or even increase the dose of Cymbalta if they are experiencing issues. This way the patient continues to pay for the drug that they cannot break away from, and Lilly continues to make millions of dollars from those of us in chronic pain. 

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