Saturday Musings

Another beautiful Saturday. Coffee and migraine. It’s a coin toss to decide how much caffeine to drink. Where’s the line where “just enough” becomes “too much” and migraine improves or explodes?! Preauthorization FINALLY went through after 3 weeks for my new meds so I’ll try to get out today to get them. Praying this one will help. Supposed to control depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Fingers crossed. Scared I’m running out of medication options! So many promising new treatments and drugs on the horizon, but will I see them in my lifetime?! Where’s our funding for proper treatment and research?! So many conditions, illnesses, syndromes begging for money. Where do the invisible illnesses fit in?! We, as patients, have to prove how bad off we are. It’s hard without x-ray, CT scan, MRI, or definitive blood tests to show how sick and in agony we are every day of our lives. Without visible proof, we are mocked, ridiculed, and stigmatized, not only by our peers, but by employers, doctors, SSDI, and judges. If I were in a wheelchair, cast, or had surgery scars, the burden of proof wouldn’t be on me! Well, I’ve had a hellacious week. My therapy furbaby Samantha has a mast cell tumor again. $600.00 to have surgery. Mom developed shingles and is in a lot of pain. I’m trying to take care of them both while feeling like crap myself. Needless to say, my pain, stress, depression, anxiety and panic are through the roof! Great time to be between psychiatrists! Going to try and enjoy the long, holiday weekend regardless of everything. Would love to have plans to go somewhere. Maybe someday. Please see my fundraiser at and donate if possible! Every dollar is a blessing! I love y’all to the moon and back for your caring and support of me and my Sam! Enjoy your holiday! Enjoy your family and friends. Keep them close. With chronic illness, they tend to disappear. Trying to stay positive. wpid-fb_img_1422635977059.jpg

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