Less Snark, More Education and Empathy

wpid-wp-1421975721526.jpeg So, I saw my GP on Tuesday. Not my favorite person by any means. He is brusque, snarky, condescending, under-educated about Migraines, and misinformed about new therapies and treatments. Why do I still see him?! My lawyer,  who is fighting for my SSDI benefits, says it looks bad if I doctor-hop while waiting on my appeal hearing. I have already changed psychiatrists due to previous doctor being unable to see each patient as an individual and denying my right to medication refill without having an appointment. I had to cancel due to severe migraine (redundant) and my anti-anxiety meds ran out. I called and explained that I couldn’t get off the bed, let alone drive, and that I had no money for a cab and no one to take me. He flat out refused to give me even enough pills to et me by u til I could get in to see him. He quoted “office policy.” I was a dental office practice manager for 6 years. I treated each patient and situation on a case-by-case basis. It can be done. Anyway, I’m seeing a new psychiatrist next week. So, back to my GP issues. Knowing my history, the doctor walks in the exam room and says “So, how have you been?” I replied, “same.” He asked how work was going. I told him (again) that I hadn’t been able to work for almost four years. He said, “Oh, the headaches?” I answered, “No! The migraines!” How could he still not distinguish the difference?! I said, “I can’t just take a Tylenol and go to work!” He said, “So, you get a headache, it’s painful and miserable, then it goes away and you’re fine?” I think I almost yelled back, “No! My MIGRAINES don’t go away! I wake up with it and go to bed with it! It’s chronic and intractable and so far, not treatable!” His answer?! “How about a part-time job?” AARRGGHH! I’m so done! Next appointment is in 6 months, so please, let me have my hearing and benefits before then. So frustrated! I need to find a compassionate, empathetic doctor with knowledge and understanding of migraines and fibromyalgia. Wish me luck!

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