by Judi Lieberman

No new news. This cannot be my life! I was always the caregiver, I helped others, I didn’t need support. I always made good money. Worked good jobs. Saved every month. Then, practically overnight, I couldn’t work. Saw many, many doctors. All agreed that I may never work again. I depleted my IRA, sold my car, lost my apartment, moved in with my Mother, who is on a fixed income. Now I have no income at all, waiting for an appeal hearing date for Disability, wait time is 12-18 mos, can’t get Medicaid or SNAP until SSI approved. How am I supposed to live?! On what?! I owe so many doctor bills, medical insurance premiums, prescriptions, and daily necessities.This could have happened to any of you! Please, I’m not looking for sympathy, just empathy! Any donation, no matter how small would make a huge difference! Thank y’all for caring.

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