Possible Relief?!


by Judi Lieberman

After an extremely severe bout of depression and hopelessness, I finally have a glimmer of light at the end of my tunnel! I saw my pain management doctor on Tuesday. We agreed that more aggressive treatment was needed. If my insurance company approves, I need an MRI of my neck to allow anesthesiologist to perform various nerve blocks and, if pain recedes, to “burn” nerve endings to stop migraine pain for at least 6mos., possibly permanently. Also waiting on approval for a Lidocaine/Ketamine nasal spray to be used daily as a preventive. Assuming procedures are approved, I’ll post the copay and coinsurance amounts, if not, I’ll post the cost for each procedure along with doctors documentation. If I can’t raise the money, I can’t do either option and doctor would like to try both. I’m still waiting for an appeal hearing date from SSDI. I cannot work and have no other form of income. I’d rather stay here in Virginia for the procedures, since doctor agreed to perform them, and save the cost of traveling to Philadelphia for an inpatient stay. Please help me find some relief from this never ending pain to allow me to live my life once again! Donate! I’m desperate and out of options! Any amount is a blessing and greatly appreciated! Anonymous welcome. Thank y’all for your caring and support! Always Keep Fighting!

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