MRI’s and Migraines

wpid-wp-1432820207013.jpegSorry I’ve been out of commission for a few days now. Even more out of commission than usual. My pain management doctor wants to try a new treatment which I’m all over. But to do the procedure, I needed an MRI. I’ve been dreading it since even without a migraine, they’re so freaking loud. I hoped and prayed for days prior, that the morning of the procedure I would wake up migraine-free (yeah, right!) and feeling at least halfway decent. So, of course, I didn’t sleep the entire night before the procedure due to stress and painsomnia, and had a 9-10 pain scale migraine in the morning. I couldn’t take my usual morning pain pills because I had to drive to the appointment. It was a “cluster fuck” (please excuse the language) from the get go. No sleep, no meds, raging migraine, sunlight, heat index of 110°, bright office, narrow metal tube, and an array of jackhammer, high-pitched beeping, pinging, loud clicking, machine gun firing, etc. I had earplugs, which did nothing to dull the cacophony. The migraine pain quickly escalated to 10+. I felt nauseated and like I might vomit. I started to have a panic attack. I’m not claustrophobic, but all the factors combined and I just wanted out. The technician had given me a button to push if I needed to stop for any reason, but I just wanted done and out. I made it, barely, and half an hour later, came out of the tube. I sat up on the exam table and tried to pull it together. I still had to drive myself home. As I left the building on wobbly legs, still dizzy and nauseated, I was just so thankful it was over. I got home, medicated, rehydrated, and went to sleep. Hopefully the next procedure will help with my migraines, but PLEASE, no more MRI’s in my immediate future! Quiet tests only!

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