Finding A Balance

My first concern after losing my job was, of course, what now?! I couldn’t get unemployment forever and couldn’t sit at home. So while searching, I decided to go back to school at night. After exhaustive research, per usual, I found a local college and decided to focus on nursing. I began working toward Certified Medical Assistant, as my closest school location didn’t offer Practical Nursing at night. I could switch over and carry my current credits toward a degree. I enjoyed school, but my migraines continued and actually got even stronger and more frequent. Since I couldn’t find work, I decided to switch to day school. I seemed to feel better during the daytime. Eventually, the migraines won out and I had to finish my double major online. Luckily, I had already completed my labs so I didn’t need to go in to the school anymore. I graduated with highest honors, 2 Associates degrees, and certification in Medical Assisting. I felt so proud of myself for completing something and being in control of at least one part of my life. A few weeks after graduation, December 2010, I applied for a job at a dental office about five minutes from home. I prayed that with the hours, the location, and the lack of stress due to basically just being a receptionist, that I could handle it. Once again, the migraines won out. But not before I found out that my new boss was a born again Christian who prosthelitized her religion on me and was upset when I refused to “be saved” and told her that I was Jewish. She found a ridiculous reason to fire me and I lost my fight for unemployment due to Virginia being an “at will” state. I tried to prove religious discrimination, but it was her word against mine. I wish her nothing but a continuous influx of potential employees who all have opposing religious views than hers. Onward!

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