Headache Specialist?!

Around 2008, the frequency and severity of these headaches caused me to start missing quite a bit more work and ramped up my stress to inconceivable levels . My GP had prescribed Fiorinol, which helped initially, but caused rebound headaches until I had pretty much daily pain. I continued on this journey to Hell for almost 2 more years. Self-medicating, crying, suffering, not sleeping, losing friends, becoming a hermit outside of work. In 2010, as my headaches worsened yet again, and I still couldn’t find a cause, cure, or treatment, I was finally referred to a headache specialist. After a very thorough initial exam, Dr. P. was sure that I was experiencing migraines. So began the prescribing of the first of 10’s of different medications and combinations of medications. After discontinuing all of these meds, due to either serious side effects or not working, Botox was suggested. I drove alone to this appointment, a roughly 30 minute trip on the interstate, expecting a shot. Due to lack of information on someone’s part, (the doctor), I didn’t realize this procedure involved 31 injections into my head and neck. It was painful and caused a panic attack. I then had to make the return drive home, in tears and panicking the entire way. The Botox didn’t help at all and the entire experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I called the doctor to find out the next step and was informed that he had done all he could and was referring me to pain management. I was done with doctors and the entire medical profession for awhile.

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