Au Naturale

After deciding that medicine wasn’t working for me, I did some more research (I know, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!) on alternative treatments for Fibromyalgia and migraine. I saw a chiropractor who did adjustments, laser therapy, cold therapy, supplement shakes, and finally acupuncture. After 2 months, and huge medical bills, I discontinued treatment because I wasn’t feeling any better. Just lighter in the wallet. I’m not saying these treatments don’t work, they just didn’t for me. I tried another chiropractor a year or so later just to be sure. Still no relief. I went on to biofeedback, which does relax me when I’m stressed, but doesn’t lower my pain levels. I tried yoga, which I love, and will continue if able, but no headache relief. Meditation eased my mind, soul, but not body. Onto the vitamins and supplements. Oh, the money I spent and wasted! Butterburr, feverfew, magnesium, B6, B3, St. Johns wort, garlic, etc. Side effects galore, but no migraine relief. Next was diet changes. I gave up my beloved coffee, then tea, caffeine, sugar, chocolate, preservatives, gluten, additives, GMO, artificial colors and sweeteners (all separately) and no help. So much for going back to nature! I was desperate, severely depressed, frustrated, nearly broke, and out of options.

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