Medication Roulette

We’re in pain. We go to the doctor. He/she prescribes medicine. We go to the pharmacy and get the medicine. We go home and take the medicine. We feel better. Right?! Or we develop a rash, nausea, worsening headache, dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision, vertigo, diarrhea, breathing problems, wheezing, jaw pain, flushing, itching, vomiting, etc. Wait a minute! I’m supposed to feel better,  not worse. What’s in this stuff anyway?! How many of us actually read the accompanying insert about the drug?! I am one of those people who tend to over analyze. I Google, WebMd, NIH,, every drug I’m given. Mostly because I’ve taken so many, and feel a responsibility to myself to know what I’m putting into my body. It is scary to read the possible side effects of any medication, but to also remember that your doctor feels that the benefit of the medication outweighs the risk for your particular condition. As most side effects are only experienced by a low percentage of patients, and will go away as soon as med is stopped, you as the patient must make an educated decision. I admit that there are some meds that I flat out refused to take, and my doctor knows me well enough to trust me to know my choices are for my own well-being. Luckily, there are many options out there. It’s a hit or miss type situation with migraines to find something that works and has bearable side effects. Do your due diligence, trust your gut and what your body tells you. Do your best to use the same pharmacy for all of your meds. Develop a trusting, open relationship with your pharmacist. They can become your best resource for information. This will also greatly lower the risk of a drug interaction. It’s a game of chance for sure. Best of luck!

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