Basic Migraine Info (It’s Not Just A Headache)

When migraines first develop, they often feel similar to bad cold or flu headaches. However, migraines can (and often are) accompanied by other symptoms that aren’t common with regular headaches. People with migraines often feel disoriented or confused, or have cognition issues. Other symptoms of migraines include blurriness or other vision problems; many people with migraines see auras of light around various objects. They may see things or hear noises that aren’t there. Hypersensitivity to noises or light commonly occur with migraine headaches. Sensory overload, such as the chaotic activity in a grocery store, such as flashing lights, bells, and intercoms, is common in migraine. That’s why many people who are experiencing migraine pain seek out dark, quiet places to rest while waiting for their pain to subside. Migraines can also cause pain on one side of the head, (hemiplegic), which is different than the pain caused by normal headaches. People who have migraines may also suffer from nausea, diarrhea, bloating and other stomach problems. Dizziness and vertigo are often present. Mood changes, such as quick to anger, may be present, as well as crying.

For those who can’t get in to see a doctor, many drug stores offer various types of over-the-counter migraine medication. Many of these over-the-counter treatments work great in treating mild migraine symptoms, although for people with excessive or severe migraines, prescription medication may be the only way to find comfort again in a timely manner. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin can often be bought over the counter and are very effective for many patients. Specialists can provide these medications in greater strength. Nausea medications are helpful for people who experience stomach symptoms during migraine flare-ups. In the midst of a migraine, anything people can do to be more comfortable can make the migraine much easier to deal with.

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