Anyone Know Of A Good Psychiatrist?!

I have fired my psychiatrist! Smart move?! I’m not sure. Do I feel good about it?! YES! I was in crisis last week with the “demon drug” withdrawal. I was a sobbing, panic-stricken mess! I had a scheduled appointment the following afternoon and called to say I couldn’t make it. The receptionist was understanding and put me through to the “person who could help me.” I tearfully explained to this person that I couldn’t drive in my condition and had no one to bring me. She told me to hire a taxi or find a friend to get me there. This brought on more tears as I explained that I had no money or friends at this point. She replied “Well then I don’t know what to tell you!” She told me to call my insurance company and maybe they’d send an ambulance. I still owed my deductible, so that wasn’t even an option. I went on to tell her that I needed a refill on my anxiety meds. Given my current state, I assumed this wouldn’t be a problem. WRONG! No refill without an appointment. No exceptions! I was told to find a way to get there and there would be an additional $40.00 charge for a “bridge” prescription until my next appointment with the doctor. I was crying so hard I doubt she understood when I said forget it! I called my pain management doctor, spoke to his nurse, and a prescription was called in to my pharmacy. Compassion, empathy, common decency, that’s all I wanted. I understand office policy and procedures, but each case is different. They can’t be so rigid as so not to bend for special circumstances.  And to top it all off, they billed me $40.00 for a missed appointment! So I’m searching for a new psychiatrist. Fingers crossed! Better days ahead!

2 thoughts on “Anyone Know Of A Good Psychiatrist?!

  1. I was seeing him for 2 years. I understand policy, but this was a special situation. The callousness and rudeness of the staff turned me right off. I was told their instructions were per the doctor, so I made the decision to leave the practice. I do have another doctor scheduled for the end of June. Hopefully more empathetic.


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