Turn The Page

So, I saw my psychologist yesterday. I see her regularly to deal with my depression and anxiety in relation to my medical issues. I hadn’t seen her since my appeal hearing and was anxious to tell her I had gotten a favorable decision. She said “Well, you should be a lot less stressed.” I should be. But I’m not. The hearing was just one step in the entire process. Now I have to wait for an “award” letter. This will explain my benefits and when they should start. According to Social Security, this could be anywhere from 30-90 business days. I am now eligible for Medicare; thankfully, but not sure when that will go into effect. I don’t have the money for December’s medical insurance and have a huge rate increase starting in January 2016. I have been threatened with legal action by 2 collection agencies for overdue medical bills. I’ve explained my situation and basically been told that it’s “not their problem.” There’s that empathy I see everywhere. (holds up sarcasm sign) So, no. I’m not less stressed. I’m relieved knowing my situation will improve at some point. Just not sure when and what will happen until then. Oh well, life goes on. Always Keep Fighting! wpid-wp-1422496248237.jpeg

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