Let’s just wake up this morning and spin that wheel! Where will my pain be today? *spins wheel* Only went halfway around due to lack of strength. Try again. There we go! Crying from pain of spinning. Okay. Choices? wpid-wp-1432820161178.jpegLeft wrist, right side of neck, one or both legs, either shoulder, lower back, right hip, head, elbow, or…. oh yay… EVERYWHERE! Big winner!

How about symptoms?! Let’s spin again (if I can hold the wheel because of weakness in my hand!) *spins* OW! Shooting pain from fingers, through wrist, elbow, into neck. Typical. Where did we land? Brain fog? Aphasia? Nausea? Vomiting? Vertigo? Insomnia? Anxiety? Fatigue? Depression? Cognitive impairment? Spasms? Oh look! Lucky me! I landed on “All of the above!” Couldn’t even get a break and lose a turn. Oh well.

Let’s go into the final spin to find out the consequences of my previous spins. *spins wheel one last time* Son of a……. I think I tore a tendon that time. Inability to work, financial struggle, loss of friends, stigma, medications I can’t afford, side effects I can’t abide, depression, anxiety, loss of self, guilt, worthlessness, being a burden……. No way! Third times a charm! I got “all of the above” again! Wow! I’m really good at this! Shame there’s no prize money for the big winner. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow. 2016 will be a better year.

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