Whose Life Is This Anyway?!

After 5 yrs of episodic migraines, I’ve graduated to chronic daily (intractable) migraine. I’ve tried Botox, chiropractic, biofeedback, vitamins, minerals, supplements, acupuncture, acupressure. Looking for preventive. I’ve tried around 20 of them with no lessening of symptoms, or side effects worse than the Migraine itself. Abortive triptans have too many side effects, beta blockers didn’t work. Antidepressants, Elavil, Zyprexa, numerous others, no luck. I’m currently in the hell of pain management. Awesome doctor, trying injections, but dependent on Opioids as main drug. Ativan for anxiety, Prozac for depression, Toradol injectable works for 1-2 days, but can only use 2x/mo. I don’t want to live like this. I want to get my life back. I’ve been unable to work since 2011. I was finally approved for SSDI after 4 yrs., 3 appeals, and an awesome lawyer. Once benefits start regularly, whenever that many be, I will try injections under anesthesia and a Ketamine nasal spray. (Expensive!) I don’t know if it’s become MOH now or not. Any ideas? Trying desperately to carry on and #AlwaysKeepFighting! wpid-wp-1432820269510.jpeg

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