Falling Apart


So, I saw my pain management doctor last week. He upped the dosage on my pain med and prescribed a new med for inflammation and spasms. I read the info packet on the new med. (WHY?!) I’ll never take it now. Spontaneous heart failure, with no prior history. Could be fatal. I love the part that says “your doctor prescribed this medication because he/she feels that the benefits outweigh the risks.” The risk being death?! No thank you! My chronic daily migraine and Fibro pain make me feel like I’m dying sometimes, but I know I’m not really. And I’d like to keep it that way. I’ll ask for something less likely to kill me next time.

Anyway, yesterday I fell. I was already dizzy from the increase in dosage of my pain meds. I tripped over some books on the floor and where I used to be able to catch myself, not this time. I went down hard on my knee, elbow, shoulder, palms, and bashed my head on my cat’s plastic crate. I got up bloody, with a goose egg immediately forming on my forehead. My knee and shoulder hurt the worst, after my head. (Nothing better for a chronic migraineur than a head injury on top of it!) 😕 I didn’t have concussion symptoms so I laid down and hoped I’d feel better when I woke. WRONG!!! Everything hurt. I have cuts, bruises, bumps, broken blood vessels in my eye, and the beginnings of a nice shiner. I know nothing is broken, but I’m debating going to the doctor to get checked out. It sounds awful, but as my invisible illness warriors will understand, just having a medical professional see obvious marks on me gives me validation. I’ll keep everyone posted. Carry on and Always Keep Fighting! 💜



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