Midnight Ramblings

So I’ve been sitting here, alone, in the dark, just me and my thoughts. Never a good combination. I’ve been awake for hours. Got a few hours of tossing and turning in. Trying to get comfortable. Not able to find a good position. So much worse since I fell last week. Everything is bruised and/or scraped. I can’t tell which pains are from the fall and which are from the usual suspects (Fibro, migraine). It’s a strange feeling knowing that when most people injure themselves, once they heal the pain is gone. My bruises will fade. My cuts will heal. But my pain will remain. Not even a short respite. Doesn’t seem fair. But who said life was fair?! Like I said, me, alone with my thoughts, 2 iffy hours of sleep, not a good combo. Oh well, carry on fellow pain warriors. Do what you can and don’t push too hard. Better days ahead. I hope. wpid-wp-1432820304823.jpeg

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