Wednesday Weather Report (Who Knows?!)

So. Do the constantly changing weather patterns affect your migraines and Fibro symptoms? Yeah. Me too. I live in SE Virginia. The weather here changes by the hour if not more often. It’s been in the 80`s in the Winter and 30`s in the Summer. We have cold fronts, warm fronts, hurricanes, tornadoes, rain, sleet, hail, and snow. And that could all be in the same week! All kidding aside, I am greatly affected by these weather “mood swings.” The pain is greater and the meds can’t keep up. Yesterday it was sunny and 74°. We had a freeze overnight due to a front passing through. Today it is stormy and 47° for a high. I think Earth’s barometer is broken. Or Mother Nature is on vacation. Regardless of reasons, I am suffering. My migraines are constant 9/10 with jackhammers and/or ice picks constructing or renovating something nefarious in my brain. When I take a step, the resounding throbbing makes me nauseated. Vertigo pops in to say, “Hey! Let’s go for a spin!” And the thought of food is bleak at best. So, pain meds on an empty stomach. Yay! On the Fibro side, every past, recent, and future injury, muscle ache, bump, bruise, paper cut, and stubbed toe make their presence known. Aching, burning, stabbing, dull, sharp, steady, tingling. They’re all here. I’ve given up leaving my bed for the past two days unless absolutely necessary. It’s not worth the additional pain to walk into the other room. Stairs aren’t even an option. And driving, I might as well bash my head into the wall and knock myself out. That way, I can’t hurt anyone else. Just laying here in bed, the itching from my pain meds and the tossing and turning from being unable to fall asleep are enough. I’ll fall asleep eventually. For awhile. Until the pain wakes me up. Painsomnia. Such a common problem amongst us chronic pain warriors that it has a name. Aren’t we lucky?! I know this is a flare up due to the weather and will ease up in its own good time. I know that, but still, I’m in pain, exhausted, depressed, in tears, and sick of it! Oh well. This too shall pass. And I’ll get back to my normal daily 7/8 migraine pain level and my occasional horribly painful, non weight-bearing knee one day, hip the next, neck after that, and so on. Anyway, I think I may just be able to fall asleep now. Here’s hoping! And hey, if you run into Mother Nature, please ask if her mood stabilizers have been changed lately. In the meantime, carry on and always keep fighting. Much love!  💕IMG_57196303816608

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