Thoughts On A Tragic Sunday

So. Sitting here, unable to sleep as usual, at 4 am on a Sunday. I’ve been following the horrific breaking news out of Orlando since 2:00. As the tears fall for the innocent victims and their families and friends, I can’t help but be grateful for what I have. Despite my multiple chronic illnesses, I am alive. I have my Mom (my biggest supporter and my rock), my emotional support furbaby Samantha (my 4-legged therapist), my few, but loyal friends (forever positive and always understanding), and my incredibly empathetic and caring online support system (without whose friendship I couldn’t even begin to get through this chapter of my life). I finally have some financial support from Disability benefits and can basically support myself while being unable to work. I have caring, empathetic doctors (finally! side note: fellow chronic pain warriors, don’t give up the search! They are difficult to find, but they DO exist!) to help me navigate the world of chronic pain and depression and hopefully together we will find effective treatment, if not a cure. I have medical insurance to help with cost of treatments, visits, and prescriptions. I have so much more than many others and am hugely grateful for all of it! I am able to walk, talk, see, hear, speak, think, and dream. Many aren’t. As my ever wise Mom has always said, “If everyone were to put their problems in a basket, they’d pull their own back out.” Stay strong fellow warriors! Fight for what you believe in! Be the change that you want to see in the world! My thoughts are with the victims, friends, and families of the horror in Orlando. #LoveIsLove #AlwaysKeepFighting 💕


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