My Safety Bubble

The longer the chronic pain wracks my body, the more depressed I get. That’s normal. I get it. 24/7 with no respite. Enough to drive anyone insane. I cry uncontrollably. I avoid sunlight and weather conditions that make migraines worse. I try to get to my scheduled appointments with my doctors and psychologist. I need to drive myself, so I can’t take my meds before I go. I get behind on the meds and the pain gets ahead of me. Then it’s days playing catch up. Usually in bed, in the dark, quiet, peace of my house. I don’t know each day what I’ll be able to do until I wake up. I don’t sleep much. Painsomnia. So between the pain, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and depression, it’s easier to stay home. I’m safe here. here I can control pretty much everything around me. It’s the only environment I can control. That makes it so important and precious to me.wpid-wp-1432820239465.jpeg

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