Room To Breathe

Finally! After almost 3 years of paperwork, phone calls, information gathering, collecting records, frustration, anger, and crying, I have a hearing date for SSDI! Since 2011, I’ve been denied twice. I hired a lawyer who appealed my case on September 14th, and, and several weeks ago, I was informed by my attorney that SSDI was currently reviewing my file to see if I qualified as a “Dire Need” or “Special Circumstances” case. I apparently did, because I  have a hearing on October 15th! Finally! The relief of just having a confirmed date is overwhelming. Yes I’m scared. Yes I’m concerned. Yes I’m nervous. But I can do this! I have suffered, in agony, without any assistance from  state or government for almost 4 years. I have bankrupted myself and my mother is on the verge. I deserve this dammit! I’ve fought so hard and for so long! I deserve some help! Some relief (at least financially), some compassion and empathy (hopefully) from the judge. I hate that it is on me to prove how sick I really am. To prove that I’m not faking any of this, but really, who would want to live like this?! I know that winning my case and getting my benefits won’t ease the pain, but it will certainly ease my mind, which will be a huge load off of me. Please think of me on October 15th! I’m not just fighting for myself, but for everyone suffering from invisible illnesses. Better days ahead! #AlwaysKeepFighting wpid-fb_img_1422635977059.jpg

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