Wednesday Morning -3am

So. It’s 4 days after the worst migraine episode I’ve experienced in years. I’m still recovering. It came on slowly while I was out, and seemed like my usual. I was a little bit late taking my meds, but not by much. That’s one of the main problems with this particular demon, it does whatever it wants. Whenever it wants. No matter how much you beg, plead, and cry for it to stop. It doesn’t care. By the time I got home, I knew I was in for more than usual. My right eye was constantly watering. New symptom for me. I was more nauseated than most times. I sat down on my bed and tried to find a comfortable position. The throbbing and stabbing had intensified over my left eye. I couldn’t lie on either side. I got dizzy when I sat up and nauseated when I reclined. I hadn’t remembered pain this intense. Something in my head wanted to get out by any means possible. It got to the point where I was begging for a hole in my skull to just get it out. I had taken my oral meds and was attempting to injection. I knew I couldn’t face the ER, and they’d give me the same drug. (After making me wait for hours, with the lights, smells, noise, and chaos. I couldn’t bear it. I finally gave myself a shot and managed to call the pharmacy when I discovered I was out of my follow-up oral pills. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I found a local pharmacy that delivers! Srsly! Delivers to my door. My meds were here within 30 minutes or less. (Kinda like the pizza!) That was a lifesaver! I spent the next few days in a drugged, hungover, completely worn out state, but I made it through! I beat my demon once again! I’m now caught up in the wonderful mindset of anticipatory anxiety that this will happen again if I go out or overdue or smell something. So I’m staying in my bubble for awhile. I’ve earned it! This too shall pass. Carry on chronic pain warriors and always keep fighting! #WeNeedFunding #WeNeedACure #ItsNotJUSTaHeadache #StopTheStigmaIMG_20160301_225253

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