Friday Feelings

So. Another week done. Time flies by no matter what goes on in life. I had an especially difficult week. Intractable migraine for most of it. 8-10 pain scale. I don’t really go by the number scale. Not when my lowest pain level is being able to focus enough to get to an appointment or the pharmacy without falling or failing. My median pain level is in my chair or bed, praying to anyone who will listen for a break from the constant stabbing, hammering, confusion, nausea, and dizziness. My highest pain level is curled up in a ball, in the dark, crying, wanting to scream, “Why me?!” Almost wishing it would all just end. Almost, but not quite. I find a reason to carry on and always have. My Mom. My furbaby Samantha. My fellow chronic pain warriors. The hope that new, effective treatment is available soon. I’m not done yet. There are plenty of things I have yet to experience. Dreams to make real. So, I fight and rage, cry and panic, always pushing for the next day to be better. I hope you all can do the same. Much love!

Don’t you cry no more!

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