New Attitude

So. I’m feeling positive and hopeful for the first time in what seems like forever. For a simple, seemingly ridiculous reason. I saw my new internist a few days ago. I had heard good things, but, as I do, I worried they weren’t true. Dr. F. was amazing. Let me give you a comparison and you’ll understand better why I was concerned. My previous GP in a few words; condescending, contentious, maligning, dismissive, hurried, lecturing, negative. My new doc: respectful, agreeable, empathetic, concerned, caring, patient, positive. A world of difference! Why did I stay with my previous doc for so long? A few words about myself since I became chronically ill: too trusting, passive, scared of change, depressed, low self esteem, etc. I’m working on that! Hard! The “me before illness” (MBI) would never have allowed myself to be disrespected, talked down at, accused of exaggeration of symptoms, told to “get off my butt and get a job!“ (YES!, he actually said that!), and that “it’s just a headache!” I was concerned that I wouldn’t find another doctor, or at least one who understood migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and it’s comorbidities. I was deeply depressed and in constant pain, not thinking clearly, or I would have told him where to shove his stethoscope! Anyway, he’s in the past and I’m trying my best to look forward, not back.

My new doc listened, asked intelligent questions, took detailed notes, called for my records from my other provider’s while I was with him, and looked me in the eye. This is everything to me! After being made to feel like less than a person by Dr. Lechter (not his real name, but should be!), having this doc’s full attention, with no sense of urgency, was mind blowing! I left the office after spending an hour and a half with the doctor in the exam room. I had a thorough, hands-on exam, five vials of blood drawn, an ECG, urinalysis, orders for a sleep study, info on the new fibromyalgia blood test, and a return appointment in two weeks. Also a handshake and a smile. I almost cried from relief. I smiled the entire ride home! I’m just sorry that I waited so long. But, again, looking ahead, not back! 

So. If any of y’all are in the same boat, stagnant and not happy with a healthcare provider, please, please look for someone else! The good ones ARE out there! And it’s well worth the search! Stay strong and positive fellow warriors! #AlwaysKeepFighting 💕


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