My Team

So. I started seeing a new psychologist recently. I had no rapport with my previous one and was hopeful to find a good match. Well, did I ever?! Dr. R. specializes in the “Emotional Components of Physical Disability and Chronic Illness.” She understands the limitations and feelings of loss, consequent depression and anxiety, among many other factors involved in chronic illnesses. She is extremely easy to talk with, optimistic, and creative in her therapy options. I’m learning visualization techniques for anxiety and pain relief. Ways to get out of my own head and quiet my demons, which has been one of the most difficult aspects for me. My demons being guilt, regret, self-esteem, self-worth, my place in the world, etc. I’m seeing her weekly and leaving her office usually smiling and feeling positive for my future. Tears are shed in the office, but they’re healing tears. Dr. R. is one of many team members with me on my journey through this life of chronic illness and pain. Along with my pain management doctor, internist, and rheumatologist, she is an impartial shoulder to cry on, ear to listen, and advisor. I’m so lucky to have found her! If you’re searching or in doubt as to whether you need emotional support; please consider it. There is no way you can be living with a chronic illness and not experience depression to some degree. We go through a grieving process similar to losing a loved one. Our diagnosis brings denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and hopefully, at some point, acceptance. Acceptance not meaning giving up on treatments or even a cure, but looking at life differently. Knowing our limitations and finding new ways to cope and function. Carry on my fellow chronic pain warriors! #AlwaysKeepFighting 💕


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