Rainy Day Blues

So. It’s been raining here for 4 or 5 days straight. Almost nonstop. Sometimes torrential, sometimes gentle showers, but steady drips. My migraine brain does not approve of this wet weather. The fronts and barometric pressure. The ups and downs. I hurt. So much. Stabbing, throbbing, icepick, axe, and numerous other torture devices reverberating throughout my skull. Every step hurts. Sitting still hurts. Laying down hurts. Breathing hurts. Life hurts. 

This stormy weather also ramps up my depression and anxiety. I am hyper aware of my emotions. I cry easily and for no obvious reason. I get angry and lash out. I get scared and stay in bed in the dark. I think too much. I look back and regret. I look forward and fear the future. My present situation is no picnic either. 

My meds don’t seem to work very well when I get like this. I don’t sleep well anyway, and the continuous pain keeps me from restorative, deep, healing slumber. I don’t want to go out. Safety concerns because of the flooding and my current frame of mind won’t permit me to drive. So I’m home. My safe haven anyway. My emotional support furbaby Samantha is here as is my Mom, my rock. They try to help, but the funk persists along with the steady pain. 

I’m hoping to see the sun in the next day or so. I need to get out and get some sunlight on my face. Eyes closed of course, due to the migraines. I take extra Vitamin D all year, which is supposed to help with mood, pain, and inflammation. Here’s hoping. Anyway, this too shall pass. I hope y’all are faring well and staying strong. Carry on my fellow warriors. Carry on. 

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