A Different Kind of Pain

wpid-fb_img_1427190082682.jpgSo I had a root canal yesterday. I’ve been putting it off for months due to lack of finances. It finally got so temperature sensitive that I couldn’t drink my coffee. Unacceptable! So I found a dentist who gave me a huge discount and completed the treatment in one visit. I’m glad it’s over. The pain this morning was a surprise. Not sure why. I’m so used to worse pain every day from the migraines and the Fibro. But this is different pain. This is temporary pain. It’ll pass. In a few days I won’t feel it anymore. It’s almost welcome in the strange way. Of course my thought process is so screwed up that my normal is most people’s insane. I can isolate this pain to a single area. I feel it. It hurts. I also know it will be gone soon. If only my daily pain were the same. I fear THAT pain will be with me forever. I’m not giving up on finding a treatment that works. I’m not giving in to a life of constant agony. I think I’m just being realistic. All pain is different. My tooth pain (as bad as it is now) will dissipate. My only hope is that one day my chronic pain will be under control. I’ll never be pain-free. That’s what chronic means. But I have to remain positive. That’s the key to winning! Stay strong and #AlwaysKeepFighting!

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