A Matter Of Control

I am your worst nightmare! I am a bully! And I’m proud of it! You try to fight me. I laugh at your efforts. I live to control you, overpower you. I love to bring you down to your lowest point ever just to see you completely and wholly submit to my will! I get all kinds of joy from watching you curl up and sob uncontrollably. Your pain is my pleasure. It’s my greatest joy to see you cowering in fear. There’s even a word for it. Schadenfreude. Getting off on other’s misfortune and pain. I am your puppet master. I pull your strings and you dance. I can lurk around the corner and let you think I’m not around and then attack out of nowhere. Watching you fall to your knees in utter defeat. I can go away for a few days and imagine your sighs of relief. Your small, cautious smile. Your hope against hope that I might have finally left you alone for good and moved on. That’s my favorite time to blindside you. Completely and utterly knock you off of your feet. I own you and you are mine to do what I will with you. Whenever and wherever I choose. You can’t escape me. Ever. I’m stronger than you will ever be and you cannot defeat me. I’m your worst demon! I’m in your mind, body, and soul. I’m in your head. Literally. And I’ll be with you until you find a way to defeat me. I am your migraine.


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